Lab Directors

Jared Curhan

Sloan Distinguished Professor of Organizational Studies, MIT Sloan School of Management


Jared studies precursors, processes, and long-term consequences of subjective value in negotiation. Subjective value refers to social, emotional, and perceptual outcomes, as contrasted with objective value, which refers to the terms of the deal.  Jared also studies the dynamics of negotiation and brainstorming.


Julia Minson

Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School


"I am interested in how people engage with (or avoid) opposing views on important issues. To this end I have developed a scale of receptiveness to opposing views and examined how the mindset that individuals hold with respect to disagreement affects their behaviors and beliefs."


Julian Zlatev

Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School


Julian is interested in the motivations behind why people engage in prosocial behaviors like volunteering and donating to charity. He also does research on trust, decision making, and negotiation.


Faculty Members

Max Bazerman

Jesse Isidor Strauss Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School


Max has studied negotiator cognition for a very long period of time. He is currently working on how to use the final offer arbitration challenge to make the other side more reasonable.


John Beshears

Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Hannah Riley Bowles

Senior Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School

"My primary research area is behavioral economics, the field that combines insights from psychology and economics to explore individual decision making and market outcomes. I focus on understanding how the financial decisions of households and firms are influenced by the institutional environment in which choices are made."


"Most of my research relates to gender in negotiation, with a particular emphasis on career-related negotiations."


John Carroll

Gordon Kaufman Professor of Management, MIT Sloan School of Management

Florrie Darwin

Lecturer on Law, Harvard Law School

Christine Exley

Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

"I am interested in how people with different professional backgrounds and experiences understand the causes of accidents and develop interventions to improve organizations.  This is exemplified in the work of incident investigation teams in various industries, who are essentially negotiating their reality around safety management."


"Negotiating with and learning about negotiation from canine companions."

In recent work, Christine investigates the selection of men and women into negotiations and whether "leaning in" leads to better financial returns. More broadly, Christine focuses on how behavioral motives influence decisions.


Francesca Gino

Tandon Family Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Kessely Hong

Lecturer in Public Policy,
Harvard Kennedy School

Leslie John

Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Faculty_Hong_Kessely_MS14 (002).jpg

“I am interested in the psychology explaining our decisions, and the many systematic errors we make in our judgments. Such errors, my research finds, can derail negotiations, make conflicts worse, and lower the quality of our interactions with others. In addition to pointing at problems when it comes to decision making, my research also identifies strategies that can effectively fix them."


"I am interested in exploring strategies low power and low status parties can use to meet their interests through negotiation."

Professor John's research centers on how consumers' behavior and lives are influenced by their interactions with firms and with public policy.


Daniella Kupor

Peter Paul Career Development Professor, Assistant Professor, Boston University

Deepak Malhotra

Eli Goldston Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Mike Norton

Harold M. Brierley Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Daniella’s research examines how consumers make decisions, respond to persuasive messages, and perceive risk.   WEBSITE

Daniella’s research examines how consumers make decisions, respond to persuasive messages, and perceive risk.


"I’m currently working on issues related to gun violence, protracted ethno-political conflicts, and negotiations that seem hopeless. My new book is at"


"Avoiding answering questions by engaging in dodging and paltering."


Guhan Subramanian

Professor, Harvard Law School / Harvard Business School

"I am interested in deal process design, auctions, and corporate transactions."    WEBSITE

"I am interested in deal process design, auctions, and corporate transactions."


Student Members

Hayley Blunden

Doctoral Student in OB, Harvard Business School

Hanne Collins

Research Associate, Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School

Brad DeWees

Doctoral Student, Harvard Kennedy School


Hayley Blunden studies the dynamics of interpersonal communication and how the communication strategies employees choose impact their work performance and experiences. She is also interested in virtual work and its consequences for work life, diversity and teamwork.


Hanne is interested in understanding how people navigate the complexities of conversation, especially in the contexts of conflict and disagreement. She hopes to harness this understanding in order to optimize these interactions and help people get the most out of their conversations.

"I'm interested in questions that deal with how people collaborate.  Specifically, I research the sources of friction that influence an idea's transfer from one person to another."


Charlie Dorison

Ph.D. candidate, Harvard Kennedy School

Erik Duhaime

Ph.D. candidate, MIT Sloan School of Management

Ximena Garcia-Rada

Doctoral Candidate in Marketing, Harvard Business School


Charlie’s research focuses on how specific emotions influence policy-relevant behavior. These include behavioral economic (e.g., beta-delta discount rates), social psychological (e.g., selective exposure), ethical (e.g., equality vs. efficiency tradeoffs), political (e.g., rally effects), and public health (e.g., smoking) outcomes.

Erik is a behavioral researcher who focuses primarily on decision making in group contexts. Among other things, his research includes projects on when and why people cooperate, and on strategies for mitigating polarization.



Ximena is a Doctoral Candidate in the Marketing Unit at Harvard Business School. She studies consumer behavior in the context of close relationships using laboratory experiments, field studies, and archival data. Specifically, she examines how consumers engage with products and experiences to foster love and trust in their relationships with spouses and families, with the goal of understanding how to help individuals have better relationships and lead happier lives.

Karen Huang

Doctoral Student, Harvard Business School

Ariella Kristal

Doctoral Candidate in OB, Harvard Business School

Masha Ksendzova

Doctoral Student in Marketing, Questrom School of Business, Boston University

ariella kristal.jpg

Karen's research focuses on negotiation and conflict management, and she is particularly interested in studying how to structure productive discourse over moral issues.

Ariella studies behavioral design. Specifically, she is interested in how environments can be structured to reduce bias in the workplace, in educational settings, in the online context, and in many others.

"I study financial decision-making, valuation under uncertainty, and people's subjective assessment of their prosocial impact."

Taylor Moulton

Ph.D. student, MIT Sloan School of Management

Chiara Trombini

Doctoral Candidate in Business Administration and Management, Bocconi University
WAPPP Fellow

Ke Wang

Research Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School

Ke Wang_SAS Positive Emotions Preconference 2019 2.jpg

In his negotiations research, Taylor investigates the interactions between personalities, power, and objective performance. His current research also includes exploring the micro-mechanisms building or eroding subjective value in negotiations and their influence on outcomes. In particular, he is interested in studying the importance of timing in negotiated agreements.


"I study how organizational environments — characterized by competition, stress, “always on” norms and expectations — affect different outcomes within and beyond the organizational context, such as gender biases and discrimination, productivity, performance, and well-being."


Research and Interests: Emotions and motivations underlying decision making.


Mike Yeomans

Postdoctoral Fellow, Economics, Harvard University

Interests: Natural Language Processing